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High blood pressure and atrial fibrillation increase the risk of cerebral infarction

Cerebral infarction refers to permanent damage to brain tissue caused by defective blood flow, or ischemia. The cause of a cerebral infarction, or cerebrovascular accident, is a blockage of the cerebral arteries.

Most often, the cause is a clot from the heart or carotid artery. A stroke often strikes completely unexpectedly. Symptoms usually peak quickly, within minutes. Less often, it takes hours for symptoms to develop.


Stressful blood
pressure - pick up tips
for lowering

The blood pressure-raising effect of stress is true. A sudden emergency causes the body to activate the sympathetic nervous system, which helps to cope with a tight situation. In itself, the effect of stress on the human body is appropriate, but as the stress persists, the body is overloaded.

Low blood pressure - symptoms of dizziness and weakness

Does it peak to get up when you get up or is you feeling powerless otherwise? When was the last time you measured your blood pressure? Low blood pressure may be the cause of shaky feeling. The good news is that unlike high blood pressure, low blood pressure is considered to be ...

High or low blood pressure? See blood pressure reference values

Blood flows in the veins of each person. It carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells as well as carbon dioxide and waste products out of the cells. As a result of the pumping action of the heart, the amount of fluid in the bloodstream, and the resistance of the peripheral blood, the blood flows ...

High blood pressure should be treated in time - Start here!

One in four Swiss of working age has high blood pressure. High blood pressure usually doesn’t feel like anything, so it can only be detected by measuring. High blood pressure damages arteries and strains the heart, and can pose serious health risks.

Measuring blood pressure at home - How to get reliable results

Blood pressure describes the pressure in the arteries during the contraction and resting phase of the heart. Blood pressure in a healthy person varies according to the situation and at different times of the day. The situation-specific pressure is affected ...

A good blood pressure monitor will detect atrial fibrillation

Back in the early 2000s, blood pressure was in Switzerland, always measured at a doctor's office. It was not until 2008 that research centers showed that blood pressure measured at home predicted cardiovascular disease much better than values ...
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